I can´t make jSoup run

I have been looking for information in order to use jSoup so that I can extract some elements from another website, but I can´t make it run.

I have installed java and Maven, I creat a java file and then a pom.xml dependency, but when I execute it on Terminal (I´m using Mac), it gives me errors.


I´m totally lost…I can even run a simple code so that I can start understanding. I have make several google search but all the tutorials start over a basic knowledge.

I would appreciate if you could tell me where could I star from 0 knowledge, because I´m getting desperate.

Thanks in advice

I’m going to move this thread to a category where you might be more likely to get a response. This is about Java, not JavaScript.

My fault, when I was introducing the topic I only saw javascript. Thanks for modifying the category!

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