I am haveing a rough time with forms? Any help please

I have been looking and making test pages to just send to my email and i get nothing I’m am working trough godaddy as a hosting service, and when i just try a try out and test form i get nothing, any help i can make a contact page whats next, Any help would be greatly Thanked i’m learning slowly but i feel lost at this point

Hi lsd420,

Please post the code you’ve used to make the form so we can help you. Your description does not give us enough to go on.


It could be an issue related to your e-mail setup or your contact form setup. It is difficult to accurately ascertain the situation with the amount of information you have posted.

Try this video. This is the script I use for my forms and works great. The video uses dreamweaver but any text editor will do. Also be sure you have loaded your page onto your server before testing it (ie godaddy.com). It won’t work if you are trying to use it of off your computer (for example file:///C:/Users/YourName/Desktop/form.php)