Having Form problems with GoDaddy PHP

Hello everyone,

I’ve created a form in Dreamweaver for my contact page. I uploaded the file and tested the form by filing in the info for each field, then clicking the submit button, where I’m redirected to my thanks.html page. Problem is, when I check my mail, no message appears. This is my first time creating a form page so I don’t know whether this is a HTML or PHP issue. The tech support at GoDaddy has been useless regarding this issue. Has anyone had issues with GoDaddy PHP or knows how to solve this problem?


<form id="general" action="/gdform.php" method="post">

<input type="hidden" name="subject" value="Form Submission" />
<input type="hidden" name="redirect" value="thanks.html" />

<div class="form_item"><label for="c-name">Your Name </label><input id="c-name" class="req" /></div>

<div class="form_item"><label for="c-email">Your Email </label><input id="c-email" class="email req" /></div>

<div class="form_item"><label for="c-website">Website (Optional)</label><input id="c-website" /></div>

<div class="form_item"><label for="c-message">Your Message</label><textarea rows="220"cols="190" class="req" id="c-message"></textarea></div>

<div class="submit_button"><input type="submit" name="submit" value="Submit"  /></div>

I just set up a contact form on my goDaddy site and got the emails almost instantaneously. Maybe it’s the time of day.

One problem I have with them is registering to this forum. I’m pretty sure they reject/drop all confirmation emails. I had to get set up manually.


This will be a problem with your PHP file. Normally it will be set up to send the message, sender’s email etc with the email, so make sure that’s set up properly.

This is a PHP question, so if you need more help, click the little orange flag in the bottom left of this post and request that the thread be moved to the PHP forum. In that case, post your PHP file too, so that people can tell you what’s wrong.

Or you can PM your PHP code to me, if you prefer, and I’ll have a look, although I’m no expert in this. Looks like it’s pretty simple to fix, though. :slight_smile:

PS: I think your form fields are too black. They are hard to distinguish and may confuse many users. I also wouldn’t put a naked email address on your page either, unless you LOVE spam. :wink:

More needs to occur than just submitting a form to a page, for the form to be emailed to you.

The php page that receives the form will need to retrieve the form data that was posted to it, put that data together as appropriate email content, and then send an email to an appropriate location with the content.

Here’s an appropriate tutorial to help get you started.

The part relating to the php page and emailing, is at http://www.kirupa.com/web/php_contact_form2.htm

Thanks ralph.m and pmw57 for getting back back to me. The problem is solved. Apparently, there was a delay receiving email at my GoDaddy account. When I check the account this morning, i had five messages in my inbox.

Also, in my code, I previously omitted a name tag in the textarea field. But all is great now!

Yeah Godaddy is kinda slow with mails. Had the same experience - thought my contact form wasn’t working, but next day had around ten test mails in the inbox.

If my mail takes 30 mins to arrive, that’s a good day for GDaddy.