HTTP sending mp4 files

I have a web server that serves mp4 files. When I get a http request for a video that is 35mb, I use “send()” repeatedly in a loop to send 1mb each time.

Chrome and Firefox handle this well and receive no more data than needed. Only if the user has reached far enough in the webplayer, the browser requests/receives more data. IE however, receives my “send()” every two seconds, which means the entire file is downloaded in about a minute. That is not good for a user who only watched 1 min of 14 (considering data consumption/useage).

Can I do something differently?

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You could break down extremely heavy single files into lighter multiple files. Users would need to download sequentially but they would not download as much each time.

You could have a dedicated streaming server.

You can serve from eg. youtube

What’s a send() ?
What signal does it send?
What HTTP status code does it send?
Why is the browser listening for multiple responses to a single request?

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