IServerXMLHTTPRequest Performance

I am currently investigating the maximum data size that can be sent to the server using IServerXMLHTTPRequest. And also, with the maximum data size, how long will it take.

Can someone explain this?

Thank you.

Note: The server is https.

The max size is the same as any other HTTP request and it will take as long as any other HTTP request. It is just an HTTP request, albeit one that is fired off with javascript.

Is it possible to send a file using IServerXMLHTTPRequest? If possible, what is the maximum data size that could be sent? And how long would it take?

Stepping back a second ā€“ what exactly is IServerXMLHTTPRequest? Iā€™m presuming we are talking about a browser-based xml http request ā€“ AKA ajax. If that is the case then you canā€™t upload files that way. But check out web sockets for a way around that for modern apps.