Html to wordpress

please help convert me the really basic html layout to wordpress it does not have to be perfect. I know php but i never worked with wordpress so please help.

Demo link

this is an elaborate process to describe on a thread post.


Any particular reason you are using WordPress? It doesn’t looks like a blog to me. (I know that’s cheeky, as plenty of non-blog sites use WP, but I’m not sure why, as there are plenty of great CMSes better suited for regular websites like this.)

Anyhow, this may help also:

well im building a website for relatives and he wants to be done in wordpress

Byt “wants” isn’t a reason. Find out what he really needs, then find out the best way to meet the need. I tell my doctor, my mechanic etc. what the problem seems to be, and let them decide how to fix it. :slight_smile:

well, i found the WP easy to navigate and theres more ext. thanks for the link

Wordpress is ok for the type of website that you want.
You said you know PHP so probably you also know HTML and CSS.Just install a free theme and begin to change the templates to look like you want.
You can find a lot of tutorials if you make a search on google and also the Wordpress Codex can help you a lot:

You will have to do some changes in your php files specific to whatever theme you install to get the same look and feel as your html page.If you are not using wordpress for blogging prpose, then no use to move from html to wordpress.

You just need to install wordpress, install a theme and then make changes to that theme style.css and maybe on index.php, page.php and header.php.You said that you know PHP so probably you also know HTML and CSS and if you know these then it should be easy to put that template on wordpress.If you need any help then feel free to PM me.
Good luck!