Html from cdata

All greetings. I only have started to study ActionScript.Сделал the first site. The site has some pages which obtain the data from xml using cdata.В the beginning was to receive enough only the text and pictures. But there was now a task to use html in cdata. There are two tags <br/> and <p> which work normally but when I interpose a tag <a href = “”> </a> it doesn’t work correctly. As it is necessary for me to use a file with styles <link rel = “stylesheet” href = “style.css” type = “text/css” media = “all”/>. I on form Thread about usage htmlText property of a textfield, but I not absolutely understand as me to use this option. ActionScript reads out xml the following function:

function onFinish(success_boolean, results_obj, xml)
    if (success_boolean)
        play ();
    } // end if
} // End of the function
Stage.align = "MC";
Stage.scaleMode = "showAll";
url = "25346";
_root.cacheKiller = "true";
stop ();
var parsed_obj = {};
var unCash = new Date().getTime();
if (_root.cacheKiller == "true")
    fileToLoad = url + "_main.xml?cacheKiller=" + unCash;
    fileToLoad = url + "_main.xml";
    fileToLoad = url + "_main.xml";
} // end else if
gs.dataTransfer.XMLParser.load(fileToLoad, onFinish, parsed_obj);
_root.emp.useHandCursor = 0;
_root.mus = 1;
_root.n = 1;
_root.num = 1;

How to make so that property htmlText worked?
Where it is correct to allocate a tag <htmlText> in XML?
It can is possible to use other method for the correct display html from cdata?

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<page name="about">
<pageText><![CDATA[ <a href="">TEXT</a> ]]></pageText>
<link linkType="readMoreLink">
<item name="title"><![CDATA[READ MORE 1]]></item>

Help please the heads has given not enough time :confused: