Parsing doc XML which content a section CDATA

I work with Android, and i want to parse an xml page .The source code contains a section CDATA.This section is displayed in my simulator.I want to filter the tags and display only the content.The sorce code of xml is like

    - <![CDATA[ Alex      ]]>

I want to have just “Alex”

This is my code javascript to parse my document xml.

// File: readXML.js

// Start function when DOM has completely loaded

    // Open the students.xml file

        // Build an HTML string
        myHTMLOutput = '';
        myHTMLOutput += '<table width="98%" border="1" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0">';
        myHTMLOutput += '<th>Name</th><th>Age</th><th>Phone</th><th>SSN</th>';

        // Run the function for each student tag in the XML file
        $('customer',xml).each(function(i) {

            studentName = $(this).find("lastname").text();

            studentAge =  $(this).find("lastname").text();
            studentPhone = $(this).find("lastname").text();
            studentSSN = $(this).find("lastname").text();
            studentPost = $(this).find("lastname").text();

            // Build row HTML data and store in string
            mydata = BuildStudentHTML(studentName,studentAge,studentPhone,studentSSN,studentPost);
            myHTMLOutput = myHTMLOutput + mydata;

        myHTMLOutput += '</table>';

        // Update the DIV called Content Area with the HTML string

 function BuildStudentHTML(studentName,studentAge,studentPhone,studentSSN,studentSE){

    // Check to see if their is a "post" attribute in the name field
    if ((studentPost) != undefined){
        studentPostHTML = "<strong>(" + studentPost + ")</strong>";
        studentPostHTML = "";

    // Build HTML string and return
    output = '';
    output += '<tr>';
    output += '<td>'+ studentName + studentPostHTML + '</td>';
    output += '<td>'+ studentAge +'</td>';
    output += '<td>'+ studentPhone +'</td>';
    output += '<td>'+ studentSSN +'</td>';
    output += '</tr>';
    return output;