HTML Email

Did I overlook this? Where in the book does it say HOW to send HTML emails?
When I send a test email to myself, all I see is the HTML code.

this tutorial should help in showing how to send html emails if using php mail()

Thanks, but I don’t know PHP.

Can these type of email only be sent programmatically? Isn’t there a way to just load them into Outlook?

Hi Bobcat, if you’re referring to Sitepoint’s title, ‘Create Stunning HTML Email That Just Works!’, there are numerous mentions to using Campaign Monitor ( to send and test your email newsletters. Alternately, you can look at using services like MailChimp, Constant Contact etc.

You do make an excellent point - there isn’t a section in the book that explicitly tells the reader to use an email service provider. I’ll raise this with the author (one of my colleagues) and see if it can be slipped into a future edition.

And no, sending HTML email via Outlook or Gmail won’t work out, sorry. You really need to use an ESP to get this to work. Feel free to pop me a line if you have any questions :slight_smile: