HTML Email Forum Needed

I normally sign in at where the Sitepoint Forums are listed. This time, I had hopped to find a forum on HTML Email. The closest match was about HTML in general with no sub-category for HTML Email.

I think such a forum would be useful and popular. It is very difficult to get the knowledge from google. I have been tying for a long time. You can get all kinds of companies that want to sell you service for at least $15.00 per month. You can find all sorts of websites that address issues within HTML Email without saying anything about the basic idea.

I know how to code an HTML page for a website, but that doesn’t count at all when it comes to HTML Email. It amazes me. I get it all of the time and I don’t know anybody who has written one.

Isn’t this a timely subject?

What do you think?

Jim Adrian

Cheers molona…
I pretty much got there on inline css & layout tables etc by trial & error and lots of trawling round the net… does this book cover stuff like creating templates that other users won’t break ;o) or mailing list management or sucking content from rss feeds etc?

Shoot dipper :slight_smile:

is there a forum/thread for discussing this book. I have some questions I’d like to ask before I buy!

Ah, unless you’re strictly a “read and manually type” kind of guy, my guess is you missed the code archive

I guess the title could be misinterpreted. I didn’t expect to read about how to send an email, but how to create it. So I wasn’t disappointed. But I can see where you might have considered the sending as part of the creating.

For that search/start a thread in whatever forum deals with what ever server side language you’re using. eg. PHP “How do I send an email?”

As for designing it, the HTML/CSS forums should help, the trick is, as the book pointed out, to use mark-up about ten years behind the times.

I’ve read the book and thought that it covered everything and then some very well. What don’t you understand?

I bought the book and read the whole thing. I still don’t know how to write an HTML Email message.

Jim Adrian

Come on. There were no examples. It didn’t start at the beginning. All of its advice was in terms of issues that somebody would know about if they knew the basics. It was not an explanation at all. It was about how to enhance your HTML Email if you knew anything about it.

Do you know how to write even one?

Jim Adrian

Maybe you should take a look at Create Stunning HTML Email That Just Works! :wink:

It does give you a set of guidelines about coding for different e-mail clients and web based e-mails to avoid cross-client compatibility.

Regarding mailing list management, that’s not covered as the book is dedicated to e-mail and nothing else. It does mention subscriptions and all that, but it doesn’t really talk about it.

thanks both!