Html and css code order/position is different to how text shows up in screen?


Is it good from a SEO point of view to change the order of the xhml/css code so that the most important parts are upper but displaying the same information as when the website was browsed?


There seems to be some disagreement about that, but in general it’s probably better to have more important content nearer to the top. Mostly the response I see to this question is to make sure the content is good, as that’s more important.

In a typical web page, it is unlikely to make any difference. If you’ve coded it properly and you haven’t got mammoth multi-layer mega-menus, the amount of code that comes before the meat of the content shouldn’t be that much that Googlebot gets bored and wanders off elsewhere.

I think it is a good idea to have the main content of the page higher up in the code (moving all navigation and sidebar content farther down in the code if possible), but not changing the display. Of course this probably will not make much difference unless you have a ton of code above it.