How works?

I know about Wordpress CMS. But, I don’t know how works.
I imagine that very big data in the database server.
Does it generate a new database name for each site ?
Or, just a new table ?
How come the page loads just in seconds ?

Are there any good books about web administrating ?

Each Wordpress site will have a single database containing multiple tables. The size of the database depends entirely on how much content has been entered into it; no content - small database, lots of content - bigger database.

The speed of Wordpress is down the the way it was designed, the technology used (PHP, MySQL), and the hardware it’s running on. It’s worth noting that when you visit a Wordpress site, you are not downloading the whole database, just those elements within the database that you need for the page you are looking at.

As for the books, there are literally thousands on the subject. However, I’d be tempted to start with this -,navId-322449.html

1 Like is running the same code as you can download from with the multisite option turned on. If you want to see for yourself how works then you can always download a copy of wordpress and set up your own equivalent.

See forr the wordpress instructions for how to turn on multisite in your wordpress install.


You asked a good question and here is few basic understanding about wordpress CMS

What the heck is a CMS?

Basically, a CMS is a program that helps you manage your content without needing to do (much) coding. WordPress is a CMS, as is Shopify.

Check this image:

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