How will I do Backlinks?

What are the manual things we can do in BackLinkings? When I check the site on the google page rank, the website that I’m working on doesn’t have any backlinks from google.

So my problem here is how do I have a backlinks from Google?

For getting the back links, the first mandatory thing is to index your site in Google. For this do social bookmarking and ping services of your site. Then after indexing to get the back links do following off page SEO activities like:

directory submission,
article submission,
Blog posting,
blog commenting,
press releases,
classified submission etc.

definitely you will get the back links after doing these activities.

Better off page optimization will help you to get backlinks start with Social bookmark and Article Submission it will help and do directory submission in categories related to your niche.

Hello presently we’re hire a expert and she is also doing same above, but still we are not getting our website up.

hello Atcomaartb2b,
thank you very much for your kind replay , same question was also rising in my mind , but after reading you comment i got my answer, :slight_smile:

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