How to write the email subject?

I am from, i want to write an email to some stranger purchase managers. how to write the email? thank u.

1, Lots of people say, Each company purchase manager received many many promotion letters. so if your email subject is not may be unread and is deleted by the purchase manager. so could u give me some suggestions if i promote medical disposable products(shoes cover,gown,face mask). how to write an attraction subject?thank u

Sending unsolicited e-mails is Spamming and however well-written the subject line might be, such e-mails will almost certainly be deleted by the recipient - or by their e-mail client before ever reaching the intended recipient.

I look at it from a snail-mail perspective. If you simply mail out thousands of letters most will end up in the bin.
But if you write to the persons in charge of such matters you have a better chance of some getting read and maybe some of those will reply.

Same with telephone calls. “auto-bot” calls will likely get hung-up before they finish, but if you personally call some won’t instantly brush you off and some of those might be interested.

I understand there is a place for “cold calling” prospects, though I think advertising and “word of mouth” is much better.

I also think using a site’s Contact Us form will get better results than sending emails, which as stated, can be considered as SPAM, and will likely end up if not in the Trash Inbox never read.

Anyway, despite the questions of ethics or effectiveness, this is more about Content so I’m moving the thread there.

you should avoid some phrases or words that are usually recognized as spam such as: sale-off, promotion, hot sale, etc. on the subject

To stay clear of having your business getting labelled as a spammer, send out personal emails with NO offers, promotions or anything sale-sy.

If there is anything you can use to customize your email, such as recent tweets of a purchase manager, use them in your email. Also, try sending a short email to initiate a relationship, not to push what you are selling. Instead of sending a brochure or an email with tons of red and highlighted text, try to schedule a phone call with them. During the call, you can then offer to send over some samples for their evaluation.

And back to your original question about subject lines, they should always be personal, related to the recipient as well as the content. For example, if you know the company name of a purchase manager, you can use subject lines like “How to Improve Acme Co.'s Material Rejection Rates?” or even “Hi <purchase manager’s first name>”. Since you are trying to initiate a conversation and not sell something in your first email, the second subject line may work!

You should know your prospects and the words they use best so use the knowledge to your advantage. And of course, when it comes to subject lines, it is always good to keep track on what’s working and what’s not.

Keep in mind that purchasing managers possibly receive more unsolicited emails than any other class of person on the planet. Even if your own messages are in no way spammy, you will be competing for the recipient’s attention with hundreds or thousand of other would-be sales people. No matter how well crafted your subject line, the manager will almost certainly hit the Delete button before he even reads it.

My advice: If your marketing plan relies on sending unsolicited emails to purchasing managers, you need a new marketing plan.

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