How to use node.js app on my website


I’ve built a website with PHP and hosts it on Apache server e.g. Bluehost.

Now that I’ve created a server-side app in javascript and run it with Node.js.

I want the app to power my website and what should I do? I do google and can’t find solution.

On my computer I just in stalled node.js and WAMP. They run separately but work great together. I’d like use that app on the real website too. Any clue how can I achieve this without turning my computer into a web server (which I may consider this as the last resort).

My understanding now is I host my website normally and host an app on web hosting which node.js run and do what they called “pipe” it to my website.

Is the the right idea? How?


Node will need to run on a different server or port to Apache.
If there’s no problem with cross domain references between your PHP app and Node app you could host them at different places.

For node you may want to host it on heroku, which is free for a certain size of app / db. Great for testing and sharing this sort of thing out.

If could also share a database between the apps with matching credentials.

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

Thank so much,

That’s more than helpful. I can get the picture now.