Free hosting for Node?

Anyone know a free way to host node apps.
I have an node express app so I don’t know if it needs to be server less or require a server.
Thanks for your recommendations!

Heroku is a very good tool to host node apps. They provide some space for free and if you want more then you have to upgrade the plan.

Yes but Heroku sleeps your apps

Well, you get what you pay for and TBH, no one is going to host your app for free without there being some benefit for them.

Saying this, there is a service called Kaffeine, which pings your Heroku app every 30 minutes so it will “never” go to sleep. YMMV using this.

You might also want to look into who also have a (limited) free plan.

And we have an article on using both of these services.

But if I were you, I’d fork out the $5 per month to rent your own Digital Ocean droplet and deploy your Node app to that.


Using Zeit it’s free