How to take windows 7 user name(login name) as a web auto login?

I am using xampp as a localhost and around 2000/people are submitted different input in a form and it store in database. All user have unique user name and password to login in PC. I want this win 7 login as my database login. And short input baaed on that lovi . User didnot input again in local form website. Please help me to do this.

There is no way for your site to know Windows credentials of the user.
Otherwise it would be a huge security vulnerability.

Hi Zaman_topu, welcome to the forum

Sorry, but I don’t understand what you’re asking.

You have an XAMPP localhost server - OK, got that.
2K are submitting input - Where? not your localhost.
login in PC - which PC, yours, theirs?
want same login for your OS and the db - use the same when you set up the database, no?
“lovi” - I have absolutely no idea what you mean by that.
“local form website” - again, ???

You will want to research Windows Authentication. I’m not sure it has a lot of PHP support, but it does work well with ASP.NET running on IIS. You might also be interested in LDAP Authentication, which can interact with Active Directory to provide authentication to your website.

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