How to submit a form in an iframe with POST data?

Hi guys I am working on an application and it needs to access a third party service through an iFrame. I basically need to know how I can have Javascript autofill the fields and then submit the form that is contained in an iframe. Is this possible?


Here’s some information on using JavaScript to programmatically control forms:

In a nutshell:

document.formId.action = "";
document.formId.inputName.value = "some value";
document.formId.submit(); // submit form

You can access the document of an iframe:

var iframedoc = document.getElementById('the_iframe').contentWindow.document;
var inputs = iframedoc.getElementsByTagName('input');
// do stuff with inputs...
iframedoc.getElementsByTagName('form')[0].submit(); // submit a form

I’ve never actually done this so I’m not sure if it’ll work - I suspect not because of this:

Hey guys couldn’t use that method, seems its cross site scripting so I had to use the GET method.