Is it possible to submit a form into an iframe on another page?

I’ve got a form on one page that I need to submit into an iframe on second page. The problem is, it’s got several hidden input fields that must go with it. How can I do this?

‘it’s got several hidden input fields’… you mean hidden fields that are IN the iframe? or in your form?

Does this help?

That link basically lays out a method where the form is…

  1. Submitted from Page A to Page B.
  2. After some validation of the post data, the form is reconstructed on Page B using the input values in the post data.
  3. Using some simple JavaScript, the form is submitted on Page B using a name value corresponding to the iFrame.

It’s an interesting solution to a situation, for sure. I’d like to think that a better way exists for something like this. At minimum, I’m questioning whether the recreation of the form is necessary on Page B, but in any event, it’s a place to start. :smile:

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