How to store developers documentation


i’m looking for php application to use as tool to store developers documentation.

can you give me some suggestions which software to use.

tnx in adv!

What do you mean by “store developers documentation”?

we need to have some sort of documentation of the projects we are working on - description of the tasks and how those tasks are solved (developed).

Excel? GoogleDocs? BugZilla?

Or are you looking more for helpdesk software?

an internal mediawiki might work.

Seems you need a project management tool with Milestones, task lists, ticketing, etc…

As far as free opensource stuff there’s Trac but it is written in Python.

You have ActiveCollab which is written in php, open source but has a commercial license (IMHO it’s really cheap priced if you take the feature set into account), and it looks great.

I suppose if you do a google search for project management tools you get a ton.

The cool kids are using Redmine these days, but there are lots of options out there.