Software Project Management Software

Hello everyone,

Does anyone have a good recommendation for -software- project management software (i.e., project management software for software development… Google gets confused)?

I’d prefer software that we can run on our own server with unlimited projects and users, preferably open-source. I’m open to all suggestions though and paid-for solutions are not off the table.

The primary tools I want:

  • bug tracking (like Bugzilla, etc)
  • integrated wiki
  • document sharing with revisions (and preferably check-in/check-out)
    – This wouldn’t be code documents, just stuff like Word documents and image comps.
  • centralized messaging, organized per project

It’d also be nice if it had some form of Git (or Mecurial) integration, though that’s not a big concern.

Another thing I would absolutely love is if it could somehow auto-generate JavaDoc documentation.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


I would start with Redmine though code check in/check out is really for your SCM not your project management tool.

I would also suggest Redmine, its a good and opensource project management tool.