How to start daily deal business?

I am going to start Daily Deals business but some confusions.

  • One of the easiest step that i have done is to buy a daily deal script and domain.
  • I have only 2 competitors in my country. How to track their clients and how to know, how much commission they are getting from their clients?
  • Initially how many staff members i need? and their responsiblities? In my opinion, i guess some graphics designer,content writers,and CSR,marketing staff etc.
  • How to attract clients?
  • How many investment i need to start from 10 clients?

Please guide me, these are some basic questions and i want answers from expert. And please do not discourage me :wink:

Like any other job, before start, I will do this

  • call 100 local clients (restaurants, spa centers, pizza delivery, blah,blah)
  • if at least 20 of them are interested - Great! you are in.
  • make nice and simple site
  • start posting deals (that you got from your local stores)
  • advertise your daily deal site in local newspapers, use adsense (again locally,etc)

Off course this is just in few words, but that structure you should follow, just scale it

I’ve got a little bit of experience with daily deals :slight_smile:

Two things make the wheels go round with daily deals.

  1. Deals.
  2. People to share them with.

So you’ve got to have someone who can land you the deals and someone who can help you build your list.

You design / content etc etc come second to being exceptional at the above.

Well you may call other competitors like you have a business and want to wok with them then you will see how much commission they are charging normally it is %50.

You will need lots of visitors to make money from these deals and create a huge email list as you will mail deals daily.

You will need a creative, support & sales team also.

Well you need a big budget to run this business.

You’re asking the wrong questions if you’re trying to start a successful business. It seems it’s because you have done 0 research.

Your questions are hard to answer because they are so open. First you need to do your homework. Do you know if your product is going to sell? If it is then i would suggest you start small till you get a better idea about business, then you can start to bring in staff. As far as it goes for traffic you can do ppc with facebook, google and many others.

There are a number of sites available online, that give away Daily deal affiliation. You may Google about it. Some of them pay decent margins. If you want to make your own clients then you have to contact different companies by your own,

Before you ask how many members of staff you will need you must have something to sell, if you dont have any deals at the moment then there is no point in hiring anyone. I agree that you need to do your homework on this first to see what people really want to buy and what would be succesful on a daily deal website in your area. I Do think you should phone around local buisnesses and arrange some meetings to discuss the discounts they could offer for your site. Start getting your deals together and creating a list yourself before you hire anyone, you need to be making money in order to pay your staff. It does sound though you have got the coding side of your site sorted you just need to understand your market a bit better.

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