How to solve error: bug/1173575, non-JS module files deprecated?

I work on developing a website with phpmyadmin

Recently on a login attempt I got thos error mesage:

This site can’t be reached

The web page at http://localhost/AHopefully/index.php?login=success might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.


On the console I got this error message:

bug/1173575, non-JS module files deprecated

Here is a screenshot

I searched for a solution on the web. No solution worked for me

How do I overcome this problem ?

To be honest I do not know how I can develop a site with phpmyadmin. Also the URL you are calling has nothing to do with phpmyadmin.
The bug looks like its coming from Angular but you no where mention using Angular…
At the end its hard to help if we do not know what you are doing.

This is likely a rather misleading error message, and as Thallius says, it is hard to debug if we don’t know what you are doing.

If I was you I would read through this thread and work through the solutions listed there.

If none of them works, try to narrow the scope a little and post back here.