Firebug console red but works file on localhost

Hi Team,

I have an application hosted on Azure Cloud. The application uses an Ajax call and render output on browser.
However, when I run the application using site name, I can see request in firebug console. But after 2-3 mins, the firebug console request turns red.

When I run the application using localhost (Taking RDC of m/c and running application there), it works.
Here is my ajax code
url: “myajax.php”,
success: function(data, textStatus, XMLHttpRequest) {
document.getElementById(‘result’).innerHTML += data;

Could you please help me with this?

Are you certain that myajax.php is in the same folder as the page calling it and the file name is spelled exactly the same?

Hi Mittineague

Thank you for the reply.
Yes. myajax.php is in same folder.

Any help please.

Can you post the code for the myajax.php file?

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