How to Reduce the LCP (largest contentful paint) of my website?

I m a blogger from India and i write product reviews in my website .

So recently i was checking my websites core vitals and it was showing high LCP ( largest colourful paint) more then 4 second.

i already use Caching plugins like wp rocket and cloudflare too. But still the problem is there.

Can any one please suggest me some way to reduce my LCP .

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All links are Nofollow. So don’t expect trying to sneak your link into posts is going to help you in any meaningful way.

I’ve never heard of a metric as “Largest Colourful Paint”. And neither has google. So you might want to define your terms.

(Though bravo, that’s the first time i’ve actually googled something and come up with a total of 1 result - this forum thread.)

Sad that you dont have the idea about that.

Go to google pagespeed insight and put any website and after analyzing you will see the word in big bold letters LCP ( largest colourful paint)

Do checkout

I think you mean Largest Contentful Paint. smile


See, now there’s a term I can google and get results. :wink:

So LCP is a metric for the biggest thing that took time before document.ready.

Well, which element of your website is the LCP lodestar? For example, if I look at this page in chrome’s performance tab, it tells me that the element is Techno’s image. Which makes sense, the rest of the page is pretty lightweight, and that image is (comparitively) big.

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