How to Receive Payments?

I’m going to be setting up a service very soon and I was wondering how I would be able to accept payments and keep track of all the different clients.

The service will have a set up fee which is split into 3 different payments and a monthly fee

Usually I get paid with checks but that will be 2 difficult to manage eventually.

What can I use to manage multiple clients will show who has paid/when payments are due and will allow me to waive payments on a month if i wanted?

I use QuickBooks for this… for an offline service this works great.

Whatever accounting software you choose to use should keep track of your business finances properly for you.

Check out and

these seem like more of what im lookin for but also a way to receive payments on the website… like on ur WP Review site or Visitor boost… they can pay u directly from your website and thats something I would like for the setup fee but the setup fee will be split up into 3 different payments… Is there a way I can track some1 paying maybe 33% and a way to know that they still owe 67% + the monthly fees? blinksale and freshbooks both looks like good options for record keeping but im wondering if there is somethin more involved with the website so I can collect the payment on the website instead of a check and also know how much is owed to me… I didnt mention the website part in my first post so sorry about that every1! :injured: i thought i mentioned it

Open a Merchant Account. Paypal, MoneyBookers, checks, money orders, take all forms of payment.