Automatically Deducting Payment

I’m going to put up some websites for some smaller clients and I would rather deduct the payment for hosting instead of sending an invoice every month. How do I do this?

Do you have a merchant account, paypal account or any similar billing method in place?

Paypal has a subscription payment that will charge them every month automatically. Freshbooks will send them a bill automatically every month and they can pay the Freshbooks invoice via paypal.


I can do this method but i rather deduct it straight from their account… what would I do if they didnt pay the invoice?

What do you mean, straight from their account? From their bank account? Paypal subscriptions does it for you, you can’t do it yourself.

However, if they cancel the Paypal subscription plan, then Paypal won’t do it, so then you would cancel their hosting.

Ah I see… this seems like the best solution. Thanks!