How to put awstats online

I want to put all my awstats for 2009 so that the reports are available online via the web (in a password-protected directory). That way I don’t have to log into cpanel to look at it. And then I can give the URL to someone else who is interested in seeing the awstats. Is that possible?

You can use directly the awstats URL in you web site. However, it will ask for the cPanel username and password to login when connecting to Awstats of your site.

Okay, but I didn’t want to give out my cpanel password.

So I just decided to print the reports into PDF and upload the PDFs into a separate directory.

Depending on your host you may also be able to script the output of the PDFs so that they are generated and uploaded automatically.

Here is a pretty simple script I’ve used to accomplish exactly this. After setting up the script just use htaccess to password restrict it. This will show the awstats exactly as you see them in the control panel, so there is no need to export to pdf. If you wanted to only show the stats for 2009 i’m sure you could modify the script to do so, but in its original state it will show all stats as you would see in cpanel.