How to disable right click

how to disable right click on wordpress website without plugin



so that to stop content stealing

It won’t work. For a start, you don’t need right-click to copy and paste text.

Anyone determined enough can find other ways to get it, and you’ll only end up annoying your legitimate users.


@Atik1 this question is really the same as this question of yours last year.

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Plz dont assume you are superman ,you may be par…

where dio i place thiscode

I only see this
<body <?php body_class(); ?>>

can you check theme hitmag

The solution to that is simple. Don’t put it online, and it can’t be stolen.

If it’s images that you’re worried about for example, supply a low-resolution version instead, and put the high-resolution ones behind paywall.

It is fundamentally flawed to try and use javascript for protection, as people can just turn off javascript. Or use print-screen to grab a copy of the screen. Or use many other techniques.


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