How to promote very fresh website

Hi to all. I’m fresh here :slight_smile:

I’d like to ask you guys what is the best approach to start promoting new website? Website is poor now, but we’re working on new version and we’re planing to run some promotion action. So I’d like you guys what your experience. What to do in first place? Should I create social media profiles or focus on content marketing at this point?

Website meant to sell hourly rated php developers focused on Mautic platform.

Welcome to the forums, @MauticFan.

I have remove the link from your post. It is not necessary to answer your question, and as there is currently no content on it, it is also rather pointless.

So I would advise you to put the content in place before you worry about how to promote it. There seems to me very little point in promoting a “site” when there is nothing there for visitors when they arrive.

@TechnoBear - thanks for welcome

the point is we’re working on new version. Along to this we’re planing marketing actions. The point is that this is really niche thing. At the basic level we’re have idea what has to be done. But I’d like to get more ideas so I decided to ask people on this forum.

So once again do you have any tips and tricks or insights for newly created website as well as service :slight_smile:

Where do you think your potential audience is most likely to be found? If you think they’re likely to be social media users, then creating a presence on social media might be worthwhile. Remember, though, that it’s not enough to simply create profiles; you need to be active, and you need to ensure your posts are interesting enough to make others want to visit your site. If you don’t think that’s a viable approach for you, then you might be better off looking at other ideas. Once the site is up and running, you could look into paid advertising, at least in the early stages, while you’re getting established.

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I totally agree with TechnoBear.

First, you should do a research of your target audience, define where are they from, what’s their age, sex, job title, field. This is very important because only after this you would know what your marketing actions should look like. For sure, you should do SEO after you finish the website. Social media don’t work really good for your niche, but you still need to have social accounts and stay active there because it’s good for SEO, especially Google accounts, and your potential clients can find some useful information there.

I’d suggest you run Google Ads, talk with your audience on the forums they are reading, do content marketing, run an email campaign etc. There are so many methods of promotion, you just need to use the ones that would reach to your target audience better.

Just to be clear, social media may well be a good way to promote your business and gain traffic, depending on your niche, but it won’t help with SEO. Most social media accountas mark user-submitted links nofollow, in accordance with Google’s guidelines.

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For promotions, you need to make social accounts and before that put some quality content on your site. you can give adds of your website on social media but only when really done with your website. do some offline promotions too, always put your URL on letterhead, business card and in e-mail signatures , include url on all promotional items like coffee mugs, t-shirts etc. Good luck for promotions

Create your website with relevant content. Then create social media accounts to promote your website. Add links in social medias and forums to make a good traffic to your website.

What about web 2.0? Can he use to promote the very fresh site?

What do you mean by “web 2.0”? In what way do you think it might or might not be suitable for a very new site, as opposed to an established site?

As i am on very beginner stage don’t know much about SEO but i read documents based on it whole day. After reading a content i found that (summery) Web 2.0 is a technique of SEO for adding their contents, sharing blogs etc on other domains like, etc. But for the very beginner person who may haven’t started what he can share instead of working on his site’s productivity?

Don’t know about SEO Marketing but had interest and i am sure will get sufficient stuff from the Experts, @TechnoBear i hope you will help me to clear my concepts about web 2.0.

That’s the problem. “Web 2,0” is a phrase you will see bandied about here in relation to SEO topics, but with little or no explanation of what is meant by it, or how it relates to SEO. Indeed, it seems to mean different things to different people, so without knowing exactly what you mean by the term, it’s hard to answer your question.

Web 2.0 (pronounced web two point oh) describes World Wide Web websites that emphasize user-generated content, usability (ease of use, even by non-experts), and interoperability (this means that a website can work well with other products, systems, and devices) for end users.

Web 2.0
a second generation in the development of the World Wide Web, conceived as a combination of concepts, trends, and technologies that focus on user collaboration, sharing of user-generated content, and social networking.

You’ll see those two definitions are quite different; one puts emphasis on usability and the other makes no mention of it.

The term’s popularity waned in the 2010s as the features of Web 2.0 became ubiquitous and lost their novelty.

It seems to me the term is best avoided, to prevent confusion.


web 2.0 having characteristic to invite people and ask them to contribute their content,comment on existing article,create an account,make profile.From SEO point of view,It is a platform where we can create our blog and contribute our content.

From an SEO point of view, any links which you create yourself are pretty much worthless. While these activities may help to publicise your site and drive traffic (assuming your contributions are of good quality) they will not help with SEO.

Web 2.0 has already come and gone years ago.

I think of Web 2.0 as akin to visual looks. Shiny glassy buttons and reflective textures and transparent elements. The rise of flat design and Google Material kind of ended the Web 2.0 look and feel.

Web 2.0 was also the rise of two-way communication. More social networking, comment feeds and forums, user driven content. We saw the rise of specialized websites, ecommerce explosion, and the ability for anyone to get a basic website online becoming super cheap, thus the rise of personal brands, blogs, fan sites.

If you think of Web 1.0 as basically certain companies disseminating static content down from on high, you can think of Web 2.0 as as a big party on the Internet and everyone is invited.

Web 3.0 which we’ve lived in for years focused on standardization of concepts, modularity, reactivity, big data, SaaS, PaaS, DIY, virtualization, adaptability, responsiveness, etc

Just my random 10k view of it.

MauticFan, I have a commercial website in Brazil. I started to promote my website using different social media platforms. I got few responses by that. But, it helped me a little bit. Now, I’m doing SEO for my Brazilian website. So, I think you can do this for your commercial website.

I suggest you to go with SEO and Google adwords to promote your site. Along with these two try to submit your site in all the social media groups which are relevant to your business

I think the content is king. You want to develop your web, you must first have good content.
good luck!

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for this you have to do back-link submission.In which classified ad, article, blog,PPT and PDF Submission.Like this you have to submit the whole link of your website.