How to practice new web stuff when there are no projects to work on?


I have been creating websites for about two years now after gaining a web certificate and so far I’m still enjoying this world. I usually learn new stuff as I build new sites but sometimes I feel like I have no projects to work on and practice new things since my main job is not as web designer, I work full time as mechanical engineer, anyways, I was wondering if this is something common for some of you or is there a freelance site that keeps you busy all the time.

What do you guys do when you ran out of projects or this simply never happens?

Is there a freelance website where I can do small projects?

This way I would have more stuff to practice on and of course make a little money (why not.)?

Thanks a lot.

Try your hand at flipping websites. Source potential sites, put in an offer, buy the site, rebuild it, add some seo or rebuild the community, chuck up some google ads and sell it.

Thanks a lot!

Thank you all for the good suggestions!

you can always create templates and sell them. i know alot of designers who do that.

Some other suggestions here which may be of interest to you:

It’s a great blog post from SitePoint and certainly has monetisation potential :slight_smile:

:lol: Poes. COBOL gurus, don’t give up hope…

FS_Tigre, there’s always volunteer design – finding a small non-profit organization that does “good works” and asking if you can do their designs/redesigns, either pro bono or for a nominal fee. In return, you keep adding to your portfolio, you get to try some spiffy new techniques, and you give something back to the community.

There’s a bunch of freelance websites out there, in particular:

Holy crap they have TWO job postings for Fortran!

There’s a bunch of freelance websites out there, in particular:

But maybe you should try building some templates in your spare time and just selling them on forums and such, you’re bound to find buyers if the design is something they’re looking for. Just make it unique and eye-catching.

Otherwise is one source, there’s as well. Just Google.

Thanks a lot for your suggestions!