Lack of graphic material for website

Hello again,
I have really been enjoying the awesome articles on SitePoint about what goes into a great website.
Since I am re-branding myself in the field of web design, I am a bit concerned because I now realize I no longer have too much portfolio work to display online. Does anyone have any solutions for a portfolio website that is void of work to be displayed?

My problems are:

  • The Websites have been re-designed.
  • I do not have permission to use much of the work.
  • The designs are outdated.
    I suppose I can post mock ups and screen shots. But they are not full websites. I can also use older website and change the content.
    Thanks for your help! :slight_smile:

Set up a ‘typical work’ showcase. Display artifacts such as banners, tiles, screenshots, etc. and just put a big disclaimer on it that it is NOT an agency portfolio of live, completely designed sites. I’ve run into this same issue. I have to explain to prospective employers/clients that I am one guy, not an agency. Much of my design work is re-done the next time management changes anyway. :smiley:

I can’t imagine who gets to design a complete site themselves any more.

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I would try and get permission to use things you’ve created for former clients.

And if it is gone, learn from this mistake and in the future get permission and capture it while it is still up.

Other than that, it looks like you better stop talking and get to work creating new and relevant samples! :wink:

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