How to popularize my website?

I intend to do a website that has no idea what. Who can help me with ideas



Can you please provide more information so we can help you out? :slight_smile:

now to develop what is best

hiclick - you will have to provide a bit more detail please such as maybe some of the following :

What is your target audience?
The nature of the website?

should do about the forum, news …

if you’re not sure what you can write about hiclick perhaps check out the following links:

Online Web Content Writers Resources
Criteria of a Quality Article
SitePoint Forums - SEO Section

I do not know much English so difficult to describe the

Yes, I imagined as much :confused2 this is quite limiting I’m afraid!

Usually when you have a website and are looking for comments or reviews on what you can change or improve you can post your request for a website review or content review. So, if down the line, you do decide on what path you wish to take you can post it here in our Website Reviews & Critiques Section - we might be able to better solve your problem then - you can also see many others who have posted their own websites so maybe it might give you a better idea also with regard to your own website project.

Website Review Guidelines

<snip> I do not know much

You have to decide your niche first and then do some research about the sites in your target niche. And I think thenperhaps you also need to improve your English a little. There are many useful posts in this forum and you can learn a lot by reading them.

To start a website you to need to decide what is is about and what kind of audience and one thing should always be kept in mind that we need to make a seo friendly website…

do you want to make site just in order to practice a little? or would you like to get an advice on what is the most popular today?