How to make + personal extension name?

Hello, I have a php personal space systems. It allows the user registration, then get a personal space. But all it points the URL address to What php documents should I to modify, make it like FACEBOOK: each user has his own URL address, convenient to share with his friends. ( + personal extension name) Thanks.

in the Registration Process, Insert a field to match the client name as the url to the database , when he came back just send http header

header(‘Location: hxxp://’);

You turn requests like:

www my site .com/Bob


www my site .com/index.php?name=Bob

Using something called apache mod_rewrite.

The user goes to and sees that address in their browser, but apache mod_rewrite will intercept the call, and send it to index.php?name=Bob

The rule in say, your .htaccess file can do some filtering, but you will also need to do a lot of filtering in index.php to protect your application from bad stuff, of course.

Sorry:That’s was for dynamically generating sites.

But in your case you can Use PHP Url Routing class

Thanks cups, I have read the article, but the mod_rewrite is new for me and my english is poor. I still have no idea to deal with my problem.

Thanks sandian, what you mean is to store the hxxp:// when the client in the Registration Process? then other clients just type the URL to visit the space?