How to make the text in Windows 11 "Sticky Notes" program large?

In Windows 11 “Sticky Notes” program, a sticky note can cover all of other screen output, but font-size is similar to all notes and for me that’s an accessibility problem.

What trick can be done to enlarge this text?

  • I tried clicking Ctrl with +
  • I tried clicking Ctrl with >
  • I tried clicking Ctrl and roll over the mouse wheel
  • After clicking the three dots icon on the top right corner of any note, I didn’t find any place to set font-size
  • Last week I checked a few articles in Google but didn’t find any explanation that works.

I don’t know about Win11 specifically, but in Win10 the font size in the sticky notes tracks the same font size you set in the “display settings” (type “font size” to the start menu) for the file explorer, window headings, etc. It doesn’t have its own font size selection, from what I can tell.

I do wonder if there is any AutoHotkey (AHk) trick to do here…

That sounds like a question for the AHK forum.

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