Fonts Bigger on Windows?

So I’ve been trying to figure this out for a while - I have a text nav that has to be pixel perfect, but the fonts are always bigger on the mac browsers. I tried pixel, percentage, ems, and combinations of all of them, but no luck.
Is it even possible to control text that exactly?

No. I visited a client the other day to demo a new site, and found they had their system fonts set to twice the usual size. If you want pixel perfection, stick with print! The web requires us to be a lot more flexible in our designs. The only way around it is to serve up images alone, which is not feasible for the web.

Yeah - I kind of thought that would be the answer. I have to redo the menu with images though - I know it’s not great, but if I use alt text it shouldn’t be too bad. I’m strictly a coder - I don’t have any control over the design.

Usually, using a reasonable fixed size font is all it takes, no need for images, and maybe some more CSS.

Yes, for the most part I find fonts pretty consistent across platforms, but nailing things down tight isn’t possible in this game.

No, it’s not. But nailing things right is always possible :slight_smile:

As always, the lack of an exemplification makes it for a sterile argument. Workarounds, solutions can only be provided in case of an actual test case.