HOW to make my font good looking?

I love to say how bad IE is but goldurn! it makes dem fonts look good. Why do the other browsers not do what IE is doing, whatever it is?
The font in the menu on [B]this page[/B] in FF looks positively awful, but it looks absolutely fine in IE (In fact it looks like times new great-in-print, disgusting-on-the-web roman in FF but like Arial in IE)

It is a while, but I remember that whatever it is that does that, can be turned on and off in IE, which is interesting.

Anyway I use Firefox and I just noticed a site whose font looks good in Firefox.

Jumped into the css to see how they did that and blimey! I can’t understand this css!
Somebody better put me out of my misery please. :slight_smile:
EDIT: I almost always prefer Verdana as the normal content font for a site but this is probably some form of Arial and when it looks the way it does (in FF) I reckon I prefer it to Verdana. :slight_smile:

In my browser it just looks like a size issue. Perhaps the font sizes you chose render differently in IE than in FF.

Verdana is a web font, and Arial is a print font. On monitors, Verdana is usually more readable, but if you like Arial better, by all means go with it.

[font=verdana]All I can say is that whoever did that page couldn’t tell his Eras from his elbow (sorry if that was you, but … well, that’s the honest truth. The good news is that there are some pretty easy things to pick up quickly).

Most of the page is set to font-family:Arial,serif;, which is just nuts. If you want it in Arial, that’s not a serif font, so you should put sans-serif as the backup, not serif.

But the menu is set to font-family:"San Serif";. Now I don’t know about anyone else, but I don’t have a font with that name. So the browser is falling back on its default font, which may be different in different browsers. My guess is that your version of Firefox is just defaulting to an ugly font … it isn’t making the same font look worse.[/font]

i didn’t do the code but thanks to you I think i can fix that menu font. The whole site will be replaced by a new one later this year. : O )