How to make a mutlylanguage switching in jQuery?


How to make a mutlylanguage switching in jQuery?

I found this example. It’s right?

Thank you!

That seems to be a reasonable approach for a small site.

However, supporting multiple languages for a larger site can be a complicated process.
While there are obvious issues, such as translating the text, there are also differing conventions between countries on how things like dates and numbers are formatted.
This is something that the ECMAScript Internationalization API aims to address.
Here’s a relatively in-depth article about this API with quite a few practical examples.
Maybe it’s worth checking this out, too.

Thank you very much.

Google translate is the easiest.

I’m studying English now. I want to make website in Russian and in English. Maybe do I need to duplicate my pages?

I mean:




There are a whole number of ways you can do this.
It depends entirely on your site.

Could you maybe give us some more info: e.g. how big your site is, why it exists, your intended target audience etc.