Page in different languages

Hi there,

I have a website able to be displayed in two different languages (English and Spanish). The user can change the language selecting a button.
Currently what I do is to load a different webpage depending which language is selected, it is, one with text in English and another one with text in Spanish.

Is it possible to have only one webpage containing the text in these two languages and display what is requested according to which language the user selects?

Thanks a lot!!

There are several ways to do this.

The quick-and-dirty approach is to use google’s translate plugin to your site:

If you provide your own mufti-lingual content, how you display it will depend upon the capabilities of the platform you are using. That said, are you using a CMS for your content?

Hi Force,

My website is very simple. I have HTML pages with text in different languages, one webpage per language (page_spanish.html, page_english.html …), so one is default and then if the user select the other language button, just load the other webpage.
What I’d like to have is one webpage with all text in both languages, and show according to the selected one, instead or loading another page.

Thanks a lot!!