How to login as user on website

Hello there

I made a website for our school: with wordpress. The theme which I based upon is Wordsmith Anvil. I adapted quite a bit to make it work as wanted.
However, the teachers at the school want to edit the information of their classes and add pages.
But now I don’t seem to find a login button where they can edit or add pages.
Can anybody help me how to let the teachers login so they can edit. They all have already a username and passw, just need to find where they can login. And can this be linked on the homepage?

Thanks in advance!
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You can get to it by going to …/wp-login.php in your address bar, then use the admin CP to add meta to your index page if you want to.

Thanks will give it a try!

Hi, there is also a plugin called sidebar-login. It gives you a nice compact login form for your sidebar that handles login and logout functionality. It’s also widely localised, but I haven’t figured out how to change the language yet :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok so I installed the plugin for the sidebar to login. But how do I put the login form on the homepage? It says the plugin is activated and running, but I don’t see a form to fill in your login…
So any idea how to put the loginform (plugin) onto the homepage, or even better, onto every page?


It should now appear as a widget. On the widget page, drag it anywhere you can put a widget. If you want it somewhere else, like in your header space, I can’t help you at the moment. I’m pretty new to this myself too.

Nice!!! Got it to work^^

THanks heaps!

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if /wp-login dont work try /wp-admin