How to customize this login page


I can’t figure out where to go to put the footer inside the main div. I am using custom login plugin by carlos mendoza. Any help?

Fixed. Since the ending div tag for main was in the footer. I saved another footer call footer-a without the ending div tag and then used that as the login footer and it solved the problem.

any suggestions how I could create a similar login page?

are you using wordpress?

nope, I’m looking to create a site from scratch! Maybe ambitious but I’m sure I can do it.

I did this through wordpress so basically I have no idea how to do this from scratch. I can tell you what I did for the header and the footer but that’s it.

Ok thanks, no worries. Because of my lack of experience, I think I will start building a drupal website and see how far that can take me.

well you can join me in the lack of experience club