How to know real value of domain names?


I have few domain names and I don’t know the values of these domain names so where should I go for valuation as any software may not tell the real value…

the domain names are:


<snip> = not more than $25, But if there are two letters or more smaller the price increase or the the letters give pronounceable word…good luck

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We do not allow discussion of domain name price appraisals anywhere on the SitePoint forums.


Different tools and techniques used to evaluate. For a reason i can not mentioned here names of most adoptable techniques. You have to search on Google what you are asking here to share. I am 100% sure that you will find what you are searching for. There will be free access to evaluate any domain.

There should be a sticky for this type of stuff. The price of a domain is usually solely on demand for it.
One person will pay one price since they want it more and the other person pays less for it since they don’t want it as much.

We do not allow posted pricing as it acts as advertising, which is strictly prohibited on SitePoint forums. AS @TechnoBear; has pointed out, there is a very thorough FAQ/Rules Section that you can reach from any Sitepoint forum page (in the top menu). Go to the section on ‘Problem posts’, you will see that this is clearly outlined.

Can you please go to sitevalue (dot) com


That site doesn’t exist. Did you mean It’s an automated tool, which the OP seems to be saying is not what he wants.

i was using website outlook to check value and other many evaluation sites but they all are giving different values. you can google for website selling portal they will quite real value for your website.

There is no such perfect tool or website which can give you real value of domain. There are 1000+ websites which can show all stat like domain age, alexa rank, google PR etc. But real value depends on many factors like visitors and website revenue etc.