How to invite for Link exchange?

I know that Link exchange is the best practice in SEO. But, how can I invite or what I have to do for link exchange? Is there any format to invite others?

SitePoint hosts a free link exchange service in the Marketplace:

Adding Gmail id’s of webmasters will ease to make you link exchange but its a suck up job to make out links from there!!!

There are three type of links

  • Organic : This type of links are the one which you get by having a gr8 content in your site. If your site hosts useful content people will automatically provide you with links. They are basically One sided links towards your website. SE hold this types of links in great esteem as it shows the real importance of a site.
  • Manual : Manual linking is created by you by submitting your websites to directories, forums, blogs, etc. They are basically reciprocal Links i.e., Each site provides a link to each other.
  • Paid Link : This type of links are the one you pay for or use links farms. This can have a fast impacton your website as you can get many links instantly but in the long run they are more harmful. If found by search engines they may ban your site.