How to insert value in option - AngularJS

I’m not able to get the correct tag “value” of each option

In the DOM, options, displaying this value = "object: 3" value = "object: 4" etc.

"SituacaoTributaria": [{
    		"value": 00,
    		"situacao": "00 - Tributada Integralmente"

        }, {
    		"value": 10,
    		"situacao": "10 - Tributada com Cobrança de ICMS por ST"


We report the value and select each array, but does not print on values in each option

ng-repeat has a truly horrible API, I need to look it up each time I use it.

I think you need to add a “track by” to specific the value.

ng-options="r.regime for r in data track by r.value"


this returning value="undefined"

I don’t see that in jsfiddle

<select class="ng-pristine ng-valid ng-empty ng-touched" ng-options="r.regime for r in data track by" ng-model="selected.regime">
  <option class="" value="" selected="selected">Selecione o Regime</option>
  <option label="Tributação Normal" value="0">Tributação Normal</option>
  <option label="Simples Nacional" value="1">Simples Nacional</option>
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Thanks it helped me a lot.

I have one more question with the same code, if you think I should open another question please let me know

How do I display the next select only when you select an option in the first select?

You can add ng-show="selected.regime" on the next <select> to do that.

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This worked perfectly well

I need to add the form by clicking :flushed::blush:
The user can enter several times the same form and each form select different options.

I tried to use ng-click but not working.

`<button type="button" class="btn btn-warning" ng-click="IncluirICMS">INCLUIR</button>`

$scope.IncluirICMS = function(){
	  ${regime: $scope.regime, SituacaoTributaria: $scope.SituacaoTributaria, Origens: $scope.Origens});

I believe it should have a more practical way to replicate an entire form with every click

Needs parens


Please see

I select a value in a form and other form changes as well. Necessary that each form can select different options

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