How to insert ads?


I just ordered new theme for my new site, I need to insert Adsense ads but without touching the theme, because it will get updates.

Is there a plugin that I can select the banner location?


You do not say what CMS you are using and have you checked the plugin repository for your CMS?

There should be options to add new sidebars etc. built into your theme or if you are getting a custom theme get the coder to add one.

Ohh … sorry for that … the CMS is WordPress

If you go to plugins - new plugin and search for AdSense there are a lot of plugins.

I suppose how it will fit into your site depends on the theme; you will either need to discuss it with the theme designer or just try it and see what happens. Which may be better on a version installed on your PC in case it all goes wrong.

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The recently introduced mandatory privacy rules has made Adsense acceptance remarkably involved and convoluted.

Before trying to conform to the new rules and regulations switch off your phone, etc and and allow far more than ten minutes to complete the task.

I forgot to mention I have had an Adsense account for many years and now having difficulty in trying to meet the recent regulation changes,

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