Wordpress, custom header, footer, sidebar and adsense queries

I want to start a travel blog. Where I will be uploading pictures of different places I visit. I always prefer writing my own code so I was wondering if there was a way I could use:

  1. My own custom wordpress header, footer, sidebar. I do not wish to make any changes there using the dashboard. I would prefer making changes manually on my own php files that I will upload.

  2. Adsense or any such services (please name a few good alternatives or I will have to make another thread) on a wordpress site that is partially custom built.

Yes, you can make your own custom header, footer and sidebar. But a lot depends on whether you are making a child theme of another theme, or building your theme from scratch. Can you give a bit more information here?

I’m looking at getting a free theme and replacing the header, footer and sidebar to something I’ve coded. I will then be running it on wordpress. Will I be able to use adsense on it?

Yes it it meats adsens criteria and you can either hard code it or use a widget for it.