How to improve DA and PA fast

hi friends i am creating a new blog and my blog ranking is very low

and i am note sure my post show on search result yes or no i think yes but 9-10 pages.

now please suggest me better idea how to improve website ranking and DA PA
Thanks in advance

DA (Domain Authority) and PA (Page Authority) are metrics created and used by to predict how well your site / page might perform in search rankings.

If you want to improve your search ranking, I would advise you to forget about those and concentrate instead on following Google’s guidelines. The place to start would be their Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide.


Hi, here I will share some tips to increase your PA and DA faster.

Work on Your Off Page SEO
On-Page SEO Optimization
Work on Your Technical SEO
Make Sure Your Website is Mobile-Friendly
Improve Your Page Speed
Increase Your Social Signals

DA and PA has to do nothing with your blog’s ranking. And you should post relevant content on your blog to improve rankings. And build quality backlinks to get faster rankings.

Quality backlinks are backlinks that website owners place themselves because they like your website content. They are therefore not something you can build yourself, and they are not going to happen quickly.

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If you want to improve the DA and PA of your website or blog, then follow some tips.
1)First of all, analyze your competitor’s website backlinks they have got the backlinks, you also need to get the backlinks from those websites.
2) Published unique and high-quality content to your website( words above 2000)
3)Do proper on-page of your website. Update title, meta description, sitemap
4) Do guest post on high authority website.

What basis do you have for this arbitrary word count?

How do you validate this as being effective for DA or PA? What makes it effective in boosting either of these, if DA and PA are metrics based primarily on ranking and quality links? (Hint: “guest post” and “quality link” do not generally belong in the same sentence.)

That said, absolutely you should ensure your onpage items are correct. Updating them has no effect, but making sure they are accurate will.

Keep in mind that DA/PA is a logarithmic scale score from 1 to 100. Getting it from 1 to 10 is going to be a lot easier than 60 to 70; so do not expect consistant growth.

Not so much arbitrary as an seo “urban myth”. The number can be found all over the web, so of course it must be true.

Its genesis appears to be yet another correlation <> causation error common in seo

a lot of pages with ~2k words do better than pages with less words.
- therefore it can be deduced that a page with ~2k words will do better than if it were less

IMHO, one can’t look at most seo “facts” with an expectation that they will be anything like scientific facts.

To be fair, considering that search engines are relatively secretive about their methods, “seoers” would need to work very hard to put together anything realistic. So difficult one can’t really blame them for being so unscientific.

It’s not new logic

most with ills that drink “traveling Bob’s miracle elixir” feel better
- “traveling Bob’s miracle elixir” can cure ills

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And for the sake of those that follow, what we’re saying in basic terms is that the number may have originally been based on a correlation, but to the wrong conclusion.

The more reasonable statement might be that pages with ~2k words have a good breadth of content about the subject of the page that they would be considered a good (or even authoritative) source on the matter. Which is what DA/PA is effectively attempting to measure (hence, the authority part of the term…)

If you’re padding out your 2000 words with ‘argle bargle foo foo rah’… your page will not benefit simply from word count.

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You can improve your website DA by creating do follow links. Do follow pas the complete Link juice so if you create high quality do follow contextual backlinks it will help to increase your website da and pa.

Now days its is not impotent to know what your website DA or PA, important is that how you optimize your keywords in on page. If you want to rank higher in Google you should create SEO Optimize blog and share in social media Chanel in daily basis’s.

i think u should work on your Off-page seo & On-page seo

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