How to hyperlink a light box dispalyed image?


Can a foto that is being viewed via the Lightbox effect be also hyperlinked?
For example look at this page:

If you know about Light box effect you know that the regular href tag for linking an image into a web page is taken over by the light box effect to show the larger version of the image in the light box window, so then how can such an image that is loaded into light box window be hyperlinked itself?

And if you know how, can you kindly show a few examples?


You’d have to go into that JS file and create JS to insert the anchor accordingly.

Head over to the JS section :slight_smile:


Can you give kindly give me an example?
A simple example would do. But an actual example.


If you use a lightbox variant that can handle html, you can open an html file that contains the image, with the image as a hyperlink. You are currently assuming that only an image can be displayed in a lightbox.

This lightbox is just one of several that can display html pages and a lot more.

There are more here

I don’t know of any that create the lightboxed image into an anchor because normally you don’t even need it clickable.

I’d still suggest going to the JS forum for this but…if someone does nkow of a script like this then go for it :slight_smile: