How do you make an image pop up in the same page/window?

I like it how in some websites you click on an image and it loads it up in the same page. For example, if you click go here (just as an example):

And click on one of the images (attachments) it loads it in the same window while the background goes black. Does anyone know what programming language this was written in? Is it called anything? Any tutorials on how to do it?

Thanks. :slight_smile:

P.S. Sorry if this was posted in the wrong section.

Looks like javascript (ajax) and css to me. Degrades well to so that you get a regular image link if you turn js off.

It’s Javascript. Refer to these sites for information on this.

Although there are also other options…

This is lightbox. There are many ways you can alter lightbox to your liking using Css.

Thanks for your help, it came in useful!