HOW TO: have a static header with iframe while the whole site updating without refreshing whole page

I would like to make my wordpress powered site to be able to display at all times the audio streaming player so that the radio stream doesnt get lost when you enter diferent pages or categories, i use mixlr that have there custom i-frame player so that part is done with, how do you get a fixed header and get the rest of the site to update without geting the whole site updated/refreshed

thank you a lot

You’ll have to edit templates, of course.

The problem is, Wordpress has a lot of templates running around. A post template, archive, page, home perhaps, etc. When a user enters your site, they could be coming from anywhere. Let’s say Google, they could be coming in to a page, or blog post, or whatever, so things get messy.

You need users to enter the site only through one access point where you can load up the iframe and then load up the specific page in the iframe area. But if users enter your site through any number of other access points, like a specific blog post, they won’t have the special iframe loader page.
You can’t just put the iframe on every template, or you end up with iframe inside iframe inside iframe as every template/page loads it up again.

So really, you need some routing and special templating going on. I just don’t know the specifics how in WP.

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